Services from afar

I’m now offering an integrated service, which will be via zoom and will include diet and exercise advice as well as recommending points to press and crystals/ essential oils/Bach flower remedies to try depending on what I feel would be beneficial.

I will also offer basic feng shui suggestions, as well as a guided meditation approach to balance energies and emotions or distant crystal therapy sessions as required.

The initial consultation could last up to one hour, as a detailed history of your health would be taken, which would allow for a treatment plan to be drawn up. Subsequent sessions would last around 30 -40 mins, with a summary of recommendations sent via email after each session.


Initial Consultation £60

Follow-up sessions £30

Virtual Classes

I currently offer two 30 minute live classes per week via zoom

Qi Gong

Every Friday at 10:00 – 10:30 £3 per person

is a a gentle form of exercise that is designed to balance the five elements, that flow throughout the meridians and organs of the body. Each week will be slightly different as we respond to seasonal and environmental changes, and as we each deepen our connection to the movements and our inner energies.

Do In

Every Thursday at 11:00 – 11:30 £3 per person

Do In is a series of gentle meridian stretches, and involves some lovely gentle tapping along the meridians throughout the body, to encourage our energy to gently move more harmoniuosly, leaving you feeling relaxed yet re-energized.

Food Energetics

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In Traditional Chinese medicine, each food is seen to have an energetic action upon the body. By learning to see food in this way, we can tailor our diet to support our health and wellbeing on a constitutional level, and also in times of illness.

I currently offer individual consultations as well as classes via zoom.

Please contact me for further details, and to discuss your individual requirements.

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