Face to Face Wellbeing Services

Acupuncture & Shiatsu

Both Shiatsu and acupuncture work on the same principles – by gently encouraging energy within little streams within the body (called meridians) to flow more freely to help restore and maintain wellbeing. The only difference is that shiatsu is done fully clothed, and involves gentle pressure along the energy pathways, with some gentle stretching and movement of the arms and legs, whilst acupuncture uses fine needles inserted at specific points along the meridians.

Both Shiatsu and acupuncture can gently help to restore balance within the body, and help improve wellbeing.

Dietary and exercise recommendations from a perspective of Traditional Chinese Medicine will be given to help support the treatment.

I may also suggest the use of crystals, essential oils and Bach Flower remedies as an alternative to using needles, or for self use at home to provide additional on-going support.

Available at Wellforce & The Practice Rooms in Sheffied

Initial Consultations £60 Follow-up sessions £50

Each crystal has unique qualities, which can be drawn upon to help balance energy within ourselves, our homes and our workplaces.

Crystal therapy has been used for many years and provides a gentle, holistic way to restore harmony and enhance wellbeing.

Traditionally, a series of crystals are placed on each of the seven main Chakras to help cleanse and balance the energies within eash chakra. I also like to use speific crystals on acupuncture points in order to combine the two systems, and deepen the effectiveness.

Crystal healing can also be a very effective when done from a distance, even if someone is in another country.

Earth Acupuncture

This is usually done in the area around your home or workplace. Just as in our own bodies, the energies of the earth can become stuck, resulting in sluggish energy flowing into our homes. This can contribute to physical nd emotional symptoms, as well as difficulties relating to money or career.

Earth Acupuncture involves the temporary insertion of small metal rods into the ground at specific points, in order to refresh and re-energize the energy flowing into your home or workplace.

In most instances, this is a one-off requirement, but in some cases a top-up may be required from time to time.

The fee for this service is £80, and is only available in South Yourkshire.

The doctor of the future will give no medicines, but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, in diet, and in the causes of disease.

Thomas Edison

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